How to distinguish natural veneer from artificial(Reconstituted)

Release time:2016-02-19 

When choosing furniture and accessories, with which we are creating around the situation of comfort (or even be able to meet our ambitions, as it often cost more than our expectations), we forget to check the authenticity of the product manufactured for us.

In the last few years in the furniture of wood veneer, is involved such a product as a «veneer technology with fine-line».

What is it — veneer with fine-line? Veneer fine-line — it is an artificial material made of low grade wood, glued together into sheets of a certain size to put on them the same texture veneer and painted in the colors of different trees, to say the bears little resemblance to the real thing.

This has become popular since the producers of furniture, doors and interiors considered it convenient and very profitable — use of the material in order to reduce their costs.However, they have not ceased to repeat the sale of a finished product, which it is made of wood veneer. And it confuses us, because we are not expected to be experts in this field, and have to trust the sellers, which convince us of the truth of his words. Offering these products for us, they often are misled by their leaders because they are not of competence, professionalism and tell us that the doors or furniture made of oak veneer, cherry, walnut, or other types of wood.

Believe me, sometimes in conversation with vendors of such furniture, one can hear such things, that the professionals can only retell these stories to each other as a joke.

Veneer fine-line

In contrast to the artificial veneer, natural veneer logs produced by planning different types of wood into thin sheets. After that, they are formed into bundles of 24 or 32 sheets, which allows for the professionals to manufacture veneer shirts that come in the future to cover the surfaces of furniture, and create unique images for You.

Natural veneer

In today’s world, each of us is trying to create its image, using high brands in clothing and accessories, cars and interior, trying to buy the product in the network and stores with a proven track record.Today you go to a modern shopping mall or boutique, and with confidence hoping that you will not be deceived, but not with Furniture. You can buy there Furniture made of artificial veneer.

About the main differences between natural and artificial veneerFigure artificial veneer 

Figure artificial veneer has minor structural notches (depicting wood pores) equally spaced on the surface at an angle of 20 degrees, as they are applied with rollers mounted on a rolling machine. Despite the name of the artificial veneer, either rosewood, oak or other — picture on closer inspection is the same everywhere, regardless of color.

Figure wood veneer is not as repeatable and has strong growth rings, depending on the type of wood. Tree rings provide direction pattern that allows you to create a more diverse drawing for the perception of our eyes.

Figure wood veneer will always be more clear or «alive» than the artificial, which is more blurred or «dead.»

Natural wood veneer always has a natural color, which has not learned to repeat with precision manufacturers of artificial veneer technology «Fine Line.»

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