What is it — veneer with fine-line?

Release time:2017-12-05 

What is it — veneer with fine-line? 

Veneer fine-line — it is an artificial material made of low grade wood, glued together into sheets of a certain size to put on them the same texture veneer and painted in the colors of different trees, to say the bears little resemblance to the real thing.

This has become popular since the producers of furniture, doors and interiors considered it convenient and very profitable — use of the material in order to reduce their costs.However, they have not ceased to repeat the sale of a finished product, which it is made of wood veneer. And it confuses us, because we are not expected to be experts in this field, and have to trust the sellers, which convince us of the truth of his words. Offering these products for us, they often are misled by their leaders because they are not of competence, professionalism and tell us that the doors or furniture made of oak veneer, cherry, walnut, or other types of wood.

Some Feature about Fineline Veneer:

Application: Furniture, Doors, Plywood, Kitchen Cabinet, Flooring

Thickness: 0.15-2mm(0.15mm-0.25mm as face plywood of South-East Asia)

Width: 320-640mm, 840-1260mm as per the market

Length: 2200-3100mm

Material: Ayous, Basswood, bare Poplar as per the market

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